Wedding Planning Theme

Have you thought of a theme for your wedding Day? As part of your wedding planning you want to consider where you want the wedding to be held and if you would like a particular theme running through your big day.

Some of the more popular themes have been vintage, rustic, fantasy, glamour, beach, countryside, colour based themes and so on. By selecting a wedding theme early on in your wedding planning, you can help to alleviate any pre-wedding stress and give you enough time to plan creative and implement practical ideas to support your theme for the day.

Whatever your theme, there are many ways to trim down the wedding expenses, particularly when it comes to your wedding invitations, decorations, venue, wedding day book and a memorable wedding cake.

Luckily in our day and age we have access to the internet and using the web can really cut down on costs for invitations. If your guests are all on line you could design a pretty invitation, based on your chosen theme for the day, and holding diary date for the wedding with an RSVP option via email. Then, if you want to send a physical one out you could use the same image on printed card using your colours and theme. There are a lot of options now for designing your own cards if you want to and adding that touch of personalisation. Alternatively, there are many web based companies that specialise on creating invitations to your specification and hosting an RSVP site for you.

As part of your wedding planning, you may wish to set up a wedding day book. This can be a photo album or scrapbook with empty spaces for the guests to sign and leave some special words for you. Also, if you provide inexpensive throw away cameras on each table, your guests can take pictures of the event and leave it for you in a basket at the end – so you have some lovely informal pictures to enjoy later. Alternatively, set up a few instant cameras, so each photo once taken can be added to your wedding book by your guests.

Think through the best venue to match your wedding theme and how you can decorate it to create that special day. Your wedding planning needs a section on looking at potential venues that match your wedding theme and budget. Remember, you can decorate a room to match a theme.

The wedding cake can be selected to match your theme and maybe it could be made by a family member or members and then decorated as a whole. You can also decorate it using flowers and other themed items. Alternatively, shop around and check out what your local bakers could produce for you, so you get what you want but for a sensible price.

Above all, by setting up all your wedding planning nice and early on, you can develop ideas for your wedding theme and ensure everything fits together ready for your special day.