Top 5 Custom Wedding Gifts For the Couple Who Has Everything

Custom wedding gifts are becoming more and more popular among shoppers and gift-givers. The main benefit of getting a couple custom gifts is that you can find suitable items that come in sets or pairs at a low price. When you compare shopping online versus offline, you’ll be able to get more from your set budget since you don’t need to pay for additional costs such as for gas, other unnecessary shopping items, as well as snack foods.

You can browse from hundreds of online stores in a matter of minutes and there will definitely be a couple of items that will fit your recipients’ tastes and of course your budget too. Remember that you are giving a special gift to a couple and it is advisable to give them something for their new home or for them to use.  To give you an idea of what the internet has to offer, here are the top 7 suggested custom wedding gifts for the couple.

(1) Monogrammed pillow cases and bed sheet

One way to customize your gifts for the couple is to have their gifts monogrammed. In this case, they will need several items for their own home or apartment when they finally move in together after the honeymoon. A set of monogrammed pillow cases and bed sheet are great customized wedding gifts since you can find an online store to order from, they’re usually not expensive and the couple will remember you because you went the trouble in having these items especially-made for them. 

(2) His and her bath set

It is easy to find custom bath sets that range from $20 to $60. But if you have set a budget of $100 for a wedding gift, why not go the extra mile and include in a pair of bath towels or bath robes for the couple and have them embroidered with their initials or nicknames. You can find online stores that offer personalization services from etching, embroidery, etc. and the cost is very minimal if not free. You can choose from a custom set of bath products already packaged or you can hand-pick the products yourself and have the online store wrap and ship it for you.

(3) Monogrammed champagne flutes or wine glasses

There will always be other special occasions that the couple will celebrate. It is nice to give them monogrammed or etched champagne flutes or wine glass set for their home. Have the items wrapped and shipped directly to their home if you wish to buy from an online store. Offline stores may not offer etching or customization services, but some stores may refer you to a service shop for a cost.

(4) Customized beverage tub

As mentioned earlier, there will be occasions that the couple will celebrate in the months and years to come, so why not give them the gifts that they will need for entertaining guests. Customized beverage tubs may only be available online since you need to order it and have it etched or engraved with the couple’s last name or initials. Galvanized or tin tubs give that homey but rustic feel. Plastic tubs are also great since they are lightweight and can be painted with the couple’s initials. Best of all, this item is usually affordable. You can include other items such as beer mugs or ice buckets to complete the ensemble.

(5) Customized wedding photo quilt

This is a great way to have the couple remember their special day and of course you, the gift-giver. You need to ask the couple first regarding their favorite wedding photos before you can have the item custom-made. This gift is a post-wedding gift, but it is all worth it once the couple see the end product. You can also order it already framed from selected online stores.