Answer Some Quick, Easy Questions to Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding!

Your wedding day should be one of the most enjoyable days of your life! Often it turns out to add a lot of stress and pressure on the Bride, causing her to feel worn out, worn down and just wanting the day to be over with!

Here’s something quick and easy you can do to help you get started with the initial process of figuring out exactly what you want, since there are so many choices available for you, now that you’re engaged, to save you and your fiance time, frustration and stress! Just answer the following quick, easy questions below. By answering these, you will be able to narrow down your choices on the front end. Then you can pinpoint your choices and apply these answers to the appropriate vendors, so that your can have the wedding you always dreamed of!


* Classic
* Natural
* Modern
* Romantic
* Trendy


* Elegant
* Casual
* Stylish
* Formal
* Colorful
* Timeless
* Vintage


* Summer
* Winter
* Spring
* Fall


* Warm
* Natural
* Cool
* Romantic
* Rustic
* Very bright & colorful


* Under 50
* 50-100
* 100-150
* 150-200
* 200+


* Trendy
* Romantic
* Elegant
* Contemporary
* Bright & Bold
* Organic


* In a Church
* At a Historical Site
* In a Country setting with a big barn, etc.
* Outside, with the mountains in the background
* Other:


* The Bride & Groom getting ready before the reception
* The Bride & Groom seeing/not seeing each other before the ceremony
* Other photos we want included:


* Before the Ceremony

* After the Ceremony

* Before & After the Ceremony


* Formal
* Buffet
* Other:

When you have the answers to these questions, you can then pinpoint what vendors are appropriate for your style of wedding!

Things to Consider When Selecting a Location for Your Engagement Photos

After the big question has been popped, then it is time for great celebrations and the creation of memories. There are many things that you start to worry about once you are engaged. They include the venues, guest lists, themes, dates, and even wedding decorations for your wedding. It can be a time that is very overwhelming and you may still have to organize your engagement party as well as take the engagement photos.

For your photos to be unforgettable, it is necessary to choose the ideal location. There are many things that you can do so as to end up with some of the nicest photos at the end of the day.

Things to consider

The aesthetics

You definitely have to consider aesthetics. It is a very important part of the location choice. When it is a natural beauty, then it works beautifully. When a couple is against an amazingly gorgeous background, then it looks even more beautiful. Think of the kind of background you want and then pick a location.


Following a theme always makes certain that you get the most desired results. You can choose to do it in a gallery space that is well designed. You can even do it outdoors if you want that rustic feel. If these are photos that could be used on the invitations, it can be cohesive if a theme is followed. They can be the preview of what people should expect at the wedding.


Adding personality makes them meaningful an even more intimate as they reflect the character of the couple. If there is a unique personality that you have in the relationship, then it should be helpful in determining the venue. Make sure you use something that brings out that unique you to the world.

Significant location

You should settle for a place that is very important to the two of you. You could consider places like where you were on the first date, the park where the first kiss happened, your home and so on. In addition, settle for places where you may have creates some of the most beautiful memories and places that are of some importance to you.


It is very important to be creative. This is something that makes the photos even more amazing. Try getting that unique angle, a creative pose, a creative outfit, and so on. Thinking broadly definitely helps in the area you can even include tour pets and children if you have any so as to make the session as creative and as unique as your real relationship really is.

The other very important thing that should never be left out during such sessions is the ring! You need to have some of those shots to show off the stone! There is no engagement without it after all. Finding the ideal location can be hard, but then, it can still be one of the best ways that you can relax and have great fun together. It is an amazing way to bond and create some new memories.

Rustic “Old World” Wedding Themes the New Way to Go

According to the wedding experts the rustic wedding theme is getting an updated makeover in 2014.

The what you might call shabby-chic is becoming more old world glamour for the couples’ wedding theme now.

Think about combining different decoration elements together to get that “Old World” vintage look you have chosen for your special day.

The weddings are taking on an “old” feeling with the use of old photos from their grandparents and other family members.

Family heirlooms are being used along with more contemporary wedding choices.

At your reception table hang a variety of vintage tea cups over the table and add several candles in vintage holders to the table add for a truly “Old World” vintage feel.

An old typewriter might be used as the guest book so guests may type their thoughts and wishes to the bride and groom.

Even old suitcases are used in various ways for decoration to set the mood.

Brides are beginning to be bolder with their color choices in all wedding items including the wedding invitations.

Centerpieces are being made up to include wonderful looking old books stacked with the container setting on top or nestled in amongst the books.

Flowers that look “just-picked” from the garden such as sweet peas, snap dragon and daisies are perfect for your theme look and you can find them in your theme colors I am quite sure.

The local super market have really nice fresh flowers at most reasonable prices.

The 2014 pantone color, purple orchid, is being used with mint green, gray and a darker shade of purple making its appearance. Pantone is also suggesting light blue, sand, a soft orange, bright yellow and a brighter blue.

For a cocktail hour, the way you offer your hors d’oeuvres is important to the theme.

How about serving bite-sized portions of mac and cheese, a cube of meat loaf on a long toothpick or even a bit of chicken with puff pastry like a chicken pot pie in a shot glass.

There are many other things you can serve this way if you have other ideas or favorites and that could include vegetarian snacks.

When it comes to your wedding cake the “naked cake”, an un-iced exposed layer cake made famous by New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar, is growing in popularity and would be just right for a “Old World” rustic wedding theme.

Donuts, scones, homemade cookies and bite-sized brownies or mini pies that can be handheld make for a wonderful sweets table.

One of the hottest flowers right now are peonies ad they can be had in a great variety of colors to suit your wedding theme.

Mix the peony arrangements if you wish with hydrangea or tulips or if affordable with roses.

The idea of doing different centerpieces for each table fits your “Old World” theme quite nicely.

You can do lovely arrangements with daisies, snap dragons, sweet peas and other flowers that give the look as having just be picked from your garden.

Your bridesmaids might carry nosegays in your theme colors naturally.

I also like the idea of them carrying muffs with or without flowers attractively attached to the muff and they have the muff as a remembrance of the day they proceeded you down the aisle.

Even just a pretty brooch attached to the muff is a lovely idea.

The vintage brides today are opting for lovely floral crowns. Baby’s breath is often used alone for a dreamy vintage look.

There you go for some ideas and suggestions that will help to make your Rustic “Old World” theme just as you want it to be.