Inspire a Sea Holiday With Summer Wedding Favors

Not all summer weddings are held on the beach but beach wedding favors are some of the most popular summer wedding favors that gel well with guests of all age-groups at the party. No summer wedding is complete without fun-inspiring beach wedding favors.
For a couple who wants to serve drinks to guests but not have them get tipsy, ‘memo-rable’ margarita-shaped notepads and pencils as summer wedding favors are just so purr-fect. You can let the guests take home the good cheer with margarita glass gel candle in tropical tiki hut gift boxes and try out the recipe listed on the back of the box.

Often, a beach wedding also requires a properly planned seating arrangement. In that case, you can use placecard holders as beach wedding favors. They serve a dual purpose as a gift of gratitude and utility in helping the guests get comfortable at the venue. ‘Rustic elegance’ adirondack chair placecard/photo holders as beach wedding favors are an elegant choice.
The fun spirit can be made infectious at any summer wedding party with flip-flops. No, we’re not suggesting you give out full-size flip-flops for real but how about flip-flop notepads, flip-flop playing cards, flip-flop luggage tags or, even flip-flop soap sets. Some flip-flop beach wedding favors even come in snazzy polka dot designs. Sure to get any party going.

On the other hand, what’s a beach without sea shells. If you’re a romantic at heart, or want to add a tinge of traditional Indian religious fervor to your summer wedding favors, choose shell-shape tea lights and wine stoppers, dolphin or, nautical design favors and add a packet of flower seeds. Who knows, the next thing you hear after the wedding is that most of your guests have gone on a sea holiday.

For those with a sweet tooth, edible summer wedding favors like mints, chocolates and honey jars are a popular choice. Guests of all age-groups would undoubtedly feel loved with such ‘sweet’ summer wedding favors. You can also personalise the packaging.

If it’s not the shells, nor the sunshine you’re thinking of but the castles in the sand that fuelled your imagination as a kid, revive the spirit with sand castle tea-lights as summer wedding favors. Speaking of lasting memories, you can also choose photo albums. Authentic shell placecard holders, magnets personalised as mementoes are some ‘other’ sure fire ways of embedding your wedding date in your guests’ hearts and of course in showing your gratitude to them for attending the event.

Your choice of summer wedding favors will reflect on the spirit of the party and your expression of love as much as the d├ęcor and cuisine. Your smiles and greetings will only be enhanced by the light in the eyes of the guests when they receive an interesting summer wedding favor. You cannot afford to miss that. Can you?