Inspire a Sea Holiday With Summer Wedding Favors

Not all summer weddings are held on the beach but beach wedding favors are some of the most popular summer wedding favors that gel well with guests of all age-groups at the party. No summer wedding is complete without fun-inspiring beach wedding favors.
For a couple who wants to serve drinks to guests but not have them get tipsy, ‘memo-rable’ margarita-shaped notepads and pencils as summer wedding favors are just so purr-fect. You can let the guests take home the good cheer with margarita glass gel candle in tropical tiki hut gift boxes and try out the recipe listed on the back of the box.

Often, a beach wedding also requires a properly planned seating arrangement. In that case, you can use placecard holders as beach wedding favors. They serve a dual purpose as a gift of gratitude and utility in helping the guests get comfortable at the venue. ‘Rustic elegance’ adirondack chair placecard/photo holders as beach wedding favors are an elegant choice.
The fun spirit can be made infectious at any summer wedding party with flip-flops. No, we’re not suggesting you give out full-size flip-flops for real but how about flip-flop notepads, flip-flop playing cards, flip-flop luggage tags or, even flip-flop soap sets. Some flip-flop beach wedding favors even come in snazzy polka dot designs. Sure to get any party going.

On the other hand, what’s a beach without sea shells. If you’re a romantic at heart, or want to add a tinge of traditional Indian religious fervor to your summer wedding favors, choose shell-shape tea lights and wine stoppers, dolphin or, nautical design favors and add a packet of flower seeds. Who knows, the next thing you hear after the wedding is that most of your guests have gone on a sea holiday.

For those with a sweet tooth, edible summer wedding favors like mints, chocolates and honey jars are a popular choice. Guests of all age-groups would undoubtedly feel loved with such ‘sweet’ summer wedding favors. You can also personalise the packaging.

If it’s not the shells, nor the sunshine you’re thinking of but the castles in the sand that fuelled your imagination as a kid, revive the spirit with sand castle tea-lights as summer wedding favors. Speaking of lasting memories, you can also choose photo albums. Authentic shell placecard holders, magnets personalised as mementoes are some ‘other’ sure fire ways of embedding your wedding date in your guests’ hearts and of course in showing your gratitude to them for attending the event.

Your choice of summer wedding favors will reflect on the spirit of the party and your expression of love as much as the décor and cuisine. Your smiles and greetings will only be enhanced by the light in the eyes of the guests when they receive an interesting summer wedding favor. You cannot afford to miss that. Can you?

Take Back Your Wedding – 27 Unique Wedding Ideas

In an industry bent on recycling the same tired pieces of advice and information, unearthing something fresh and undiscovered in the world of weddings can prove as difficult as predicting the weather for an outdoor spring ceremony. This list of non-traditional or unexpected wedding ideas to incorporate into every wedding detail are guaranteed to set your event apart from the rest.

Ceremony Ideas

1) Location –
If you don’t host your ceremony in a house of worship or in the same location as your reception, you can get creative with your ceremony location and exchange vows at sunrise on the beach or at sunset from the rooftop of the tallest building in your metropolitan area. Get more ideas for unique ceremony sites.

2) Refreshments –
Use the season or your location as an opportunity to greet guests with a refreshing drink. Lemonade and sweet tea will quench your guests’ thirst while gathering in the blazing sun, or serve hot apple cider to warm your guests during chiller months.

3) Grand Entrance –
Make your entrance especially grand by being escorted by your pet dog or by arriving on a white horse.

4) Vows and Readings –
Not a new concept, but speaking from the heart by writing your own wedding vows or incorporating personalized poems and weddings readings into your ceremony will surely grab the attention of your guests.

Flowers & Decor Ideas

5) Color Scheme –
Try pairing a few uncommon colors together or featuring varying shades of the same color throughout your space.

6) The Food Pyramid –
Fill cylindrical glass vases with fruits and vegetables reflecting your colors. Oranges, lemons, and limes have been done so try a unique, more contemporary look with mangos or coconuts or tie it to the season with texture-rich earthy vegetables like husked corn, acorn squash, or artichokes.

7) Au Natural –
Consult Mother Nature for inspiration, and bring the outdoors in. Natural objects like stones, leaves, pinecones, even twigs can add an organic aesthetic to your reception décor. Place in rustic containers or scatter amongst pillar candles for added ambiance.

8) Lighten Up –
Floating candles in a shallow bowl adds lighting and elegance to your tabletops. Or arrange multi-level candles on a mosaic of mirrors or tiles and surround them with seashells or flower petals. Placing coffee beans or red hot candies at the bottom of a vase or bowl to hold the candles steady also adds an aromatic effect.

9) Consult your Inner Child –
For the kid at heart, fill decorative bowls with your favorite candies – such as jellybeans and M&M’s – in your wedding colors.

Entertainment Ideas

10) Ceremony Music –
If “Here Comes the Bride” doesn’t suit your style or personality, choose a song that does. There is no written rule that states you can’t make your grand entrance to a rendition of your favorite Beastie Boys’ song.

11) Non-traditional Instruments –
If you desire live music over a DJ, consider tying your musician selection to the theme or location of your event. A beachside bash naturally lends itself to the sound of steel drums, while a trumpet quartet will sound impressive in an elaborate cathedral.

12) Themed Music –
Take it one step further and zone in on the music that is indigenous to your wedding location. Guests attending a Mardi Gras-themed event in New Orleans will bask in a cocktail hour of Dixieland jazz.

13) DJ and a Band –
Can’t decide which you would rather have? Have both to ensure that all types of music are represented throughout your day to please both your 85-year-old grandmother and your 21-year-old cousin.

Photography Ideas

14) Photojournalism
More and more brides are leaning toward hiring a photographer who specialized in a photojournalistic style. These photographers shy away from posed shots and aim to capture all of the candid moments that you’ll always want to remember or may have never seen.

15) Creative Shots
Hire your photographer to follow you throughout your entire day (leading up to the “Do Not Disturb” sign, of course). While it may make you feel anxious to have someone photograph you as you get ready, these shots will help you to remember the joy and anticipation of every part of your big day. Read more ideas for creative wedding pictures

Cake Ideas

16) Minimal Adornments –
Some brides believe in the “less is more” adage. A simple cake minimally ornamented can make a bold statement.

17) Square Tiers –
Looking for a subtle way to break away from the ordinary? Square tiers make a modern presentation. Whoever said “it’s hip to be square” must have been in the cake business.

18) Cake-free –
If cake isn’t your favorite dessert, then don’t feel the need to serve it to your guests. Apple crisp, peach cobbler, pumpkin pie, cupcakes, or even glazed doughnuts are a hit at the dessert table.

19) Sugar-free –
The end-of-meal offering doesn’t have to be made of flour and frosting. Think savory instead, and visit your local cheese shop to have them construct wheels of cheese in tiers and stacked to look like traditional wedding cake.

You can browse hundreds of unique and unusual wedding cakes in this cake photo gallery.

Attire Ideas

20) Wardrobe Change –
Today’s brides are opting to wear not one dress, but two! Wear an elegant gown while you exchange vows, then slip into something a little more comfortable to round out the evening.

21) Anything but White –
A white wedding dress symbolizes innocence and purity, but if that’s not your style, feel free to bring out your colorful personality by adding a splash of color to your attire. You can be as subtle as a colored sash and jewels or as bold as a fuchsia-colored dress.

22) Something Borrowed –
Anything retro screams chic these days. So why not consider donning your mother’s vintage gown as a tribute to a family legacy. A few alterations can make it your own.

Stationery Ideas –

23) Ethnicity –
If your heritage is important for you to represent on your big day, do some research and find a stationer who offers multi-cultural invitations and announcements.

24) Creative Touch –
For more intimate, casual gatherings, request the honor of your guests’ presence in an innovative and entertaining way. Here’s an idea – have your invite printed on a balloon so guests have to blow them up to receive the message.

25) Programs –
Do something a little different with your programs by including personal photos or by printing them on something that serves a dual purpose – like a fan.

26) Storybook –
Get the most bang for your program buck by including stories of how the two of you met, who introduced you, and your relationship to everyone in the bridal party. Think of all the time you’ll save by not having to explain all of this to your husband’s childhood neighbor during the reception!

Transportation Ideas

27) Grand Entrance –
If the size of your bridal party doesn’t warrant a stretch limousine, consider arriving on horseback, on the back of your husband’s motorcycle, or in the passenger’s seat of your dad’s antique car.

Great Spots for Wedding and Engagement Photography in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Wedding Photographer – Great Spots for an Engagement Portrait!

There is no doubt that the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most beautiful and sought after places in the world to say I do! Brides and Grooms are ‘Spoilt for choice’ when it comes to selecting a perfect location for their Engagement Portrait! We have some of the most fabulous natural and man made beauty in the world here in the Bay. From the sweeping views of downtown San Francisco to the lush vineyards of Sonoma and Napa, the San Francisco Bay Area delivers a world class package when it comes to Wedding and Engagement Photography. One of the benefits of being a San Francisco Wedding Photographer, is that I get to photograph couples in a variety of locations with breathtaking natural beauty. I thought that this would be a good place to give you my take on all this, so here we go!

You’re Engaged!

Once you’re engaged, one of the things on your to-do list will probably be the hunt for a fabulous Wedding Photographer. One of the best, most exciting parts of Wedding Photography is shooting an Engagement Portrait! Its so much fun for the couple and the Wedding Photographer to spend an afternoon together in a relaxed atmosphere with no pressure or time constraint. One of the biggest benefits of having an engagement portrait is that it gives you the chance to get to know your Wedding Photographer – most couples that have taken an Engagement Portrait are more relaxed when taking photos on their Wedding Day as they already know how their photographer works and they feel more at ease. It’s tough having your picture taken by someone you have never met! Most of the great Wedding Photographers I know typically include an Engagement Session as part of their Wedding Packages.

So, you’re Engaged AND you’ve found that fabulous Wedding Photographer – but how to and where to take photos?! In my experience, i’ts important to head for locations that are meaningful to you, places that stir emotion and feeling between the two of you – maybe the site of that first stroll along the beach, or a first kiss, the proposal, the spot that ‘I love you’ was first uttered or a favorite place that you both go to be alone with each other. There are so many special places to take your engagement portrait! Here are a few of my favorites….

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach

Some of the most spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen from Baker Beach. It’s like a postcard, the Marin Headlands visible to the east coupled with the rugged cliffs of Baker Beach, clean sands and the crystal blue and green Pacific Ocean surf. I love shooting here.

Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field

Photographing your Engagement Portrait from Crissy Field gives a different perspective from that of Baker Beach. Crissy Field is Bay side, south of the Golden Gate and offers sensational views of Marin County and some San Francisco landmarks, including the Palace of Fine Arts.

Sutro Baths

Sutro Baths provide a really great rustic look with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, the Farallon Islands and the famous Cliff House.

The Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is unique in that it offers both a refined and rustic appeal full of San Francisco character and artistic history. It really is a fabulous location – grand and glorious.

The Palace of the Legion of Honor

One of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks, the Palace of the Legion of Honor offers staggering views of the city, the pacific ocean as well as offering a plethora of wonderful locations within the grounds of the palace for beautiful pictures. the Palace of the Legion of honor is among my favorite places to photograph an engagement portrait.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park has acres and acres – 1,017 acres of gorgeous, lush parkland to take world class engagement portraits! I have photographed many couples here. There are so many locations within the park that make for amazing pictures. Some of my favorite spots include the Botanical Gardens, The Japanese Tea Gardens, JFK Drive, The Conservatory of Flowers and Stowe Lake.

Potrero Hill

For those who love sweeping city views, Potrero hill is a fabulous location – especially on a clear day. Potrero Hill sits within one of the best micro-climates in San Francisco and the views of the City are usually unobstructed by the fog.

China Basin

On a clear, sunny day China Basin offers some of the most wonderful bayside photo opportunities. You can get close to the water with fabulous backdrops such as the world famous Giants Stadium and the Bay Bridge as backdrops. China Basin has undergone significant development in recent years. As a result, it’s a great spot for those seeking clean lines and a modern, sharp feel to their pictures

China Town

China Town is full of color and variety. I have found that this area works well for those who are looking to draw sharp contrasts between clean lines, vibrant asian colors and the bustle and grime of a working market that never sleeps. It’s a fabulous place to shoot!

University of California Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley is an absolutely wonderful location for an Engagement Portrait. With a plethora of buildings dating well over a hundred years old and all the character that comes with structures of this era the campus offers a wealth of gorgeous backdrops that are both romantic and striking.

Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley

Nestled in the Berkeley Hills high above Cal Berkeley, the Lawrence hall of Science offers some of the most breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay Area I have ever seen – pick a clear day and you’ll hardly believe the views. After photographing Fre and Al at Cal we drove up the hill to the Lawrence Hall of Science to capture the amazing view and incredible sunset. Gorgeous scenery and world class views make this a prime spot for a terrific engagement session!

The Japanese Tea Gardens – Golden Gate Park

The Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate park are a tropical paradise – a garden of Eden for Wedding Photographers!! Perhaps the most difficult part of photographing a couple in the gardens is working out exactly where to photograph them – everywhere you look there are amazing spots!!